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How to Do Effective Link Building with Linkable High-Quality Content?

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on June 29, 2021

When it comes to the search engine rankings, the user’s query is the primary preference. And that is why the algorithm constantly changes so that the users can get the right information right at their fingertips. Hence, only authentic and trustworthy content will rank higher. So, the content that gets more external links from a different website is more trustworthy than others.

With 91% of B2B organizations and 86% B2C organizations using content marketing and regularly improving their skills with expert techniques, you surely don’t want to fall behind. That is why you need to invest and hire a copywriter who can develop valuable content for your brand. And to make it valuable enough in terms of link building, you need to read this blog.

What is High Quality Linkable Content?

Before we get into the drill of how to make content high quality and more linkable, it is necessary for you to understand what high quality content is in reality. Given the current competitive market, most businesses are investing time and effort in creating more credible and informative content that will help the consumer make an informed decision as well as help the brand in inbound marketing. In this respect, you need to know that this type of content is very different from the ones that have keywords stuffed or linked to the business’s home page or the product page. This type of quality content will help you build more authority for your website.

Link building is not just another way of content marketing where you only create content to boost your website traffic. It is a technique that helps in getting inbound links for your website from another high-quality blog or article published on a site that gets more high value traffic.

This is the reason you need to hire content writing services is that professional writers will help you create content that can be effectively used for high value link building. Now, if you are wondering how to do that, take a look at the following points.

How to Create Linkable High-Quality Content?

Skyscraper Technique to Understand Content Landscape

This technique is helpful to develop link worthy content and use that to reach out to the right audience. For that, market experts at Digital Concepts believe that you need to create long form content. Even studies show that long form content of word count 1k-2k gets more social shares than the shorter ones. It gets 77.2% more referring domain links than the ones less than 1k words.

Choosing Right Topic for the Content

This is an important step as you are catering to the audience’s query. While searching with the keyword on Google, pay attention to the search suggestions. At Digital Concepts, our website content writer uses tools like Buzzsumo and SEM Rush as well as Quora too to find the right topic to develop content that will get more search value.

Creating Superb Quality Content

The next step is creating high quality content. For that, the writer needs to do the industry specific research and custom research for the brand. For custom research for the business, insights from social media and Google Analytics can be helpful. Getting stats and data while you cite the authentic sources will also enhance credibility. For example, when you are reading about the fact that long form content gets more backlinks and social shares, if you see the study that was done on 912 million blogposts by BacklinkO, it will become more trustworthy. Using interviews for custom quotes or user-generated content will build the emotional foundation. Finally, citing several authentic resources will also build credibility.

 Lucky for you, we, at Digital Concepts, do it all for our clients. So, no matter whether you cater to B2B or B2C market, our SEO content writing services will help you create high value content for SEO link building. Do you want to know more about what we can do? Visit us today at or dial +91 98301 40672 now.

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