How to increase your e-commerce site traffic without buying ads?

How to Get More Visitors to Your E-Commerce Site without Buying Ads?

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on August 5, 2022

There is no denying that e-commerce is among the fastest-growing industries worldwide. Presently, there are over 20 million e-commerce sites across the world. Most of these businesses look for one way or the other to boost traffic to the site. While technology and uniqueness are the two aspects to deliver an excellent customer experience and boost sales, various other aspects may come into this frame. But do you know how to drive traffic to your e-commerce site without spending on ads? If you find it a daunting task or do not know the ways, unleash the power of our e-commerce developers. Whether you are using Magento, WooCommerce, or Shopify to power the website, our team tracks the latest trends and applies the techniques. Here is how to get the right visitors without spending on ads:

1. Begin a referral program

E-commerce sales are expected to cross over 7 billion dollars by 2025. So, you must ensure that the best opportunities come your way when driving traffic. How about getting the leads from the referral programs? It is never too late to begin. It might not be expansive but you will still get the benefits. You may outsource SEO services to get the improvements right.

2. Modify the on-page work

The on-page work is one of the major factors for the search engines to rely on. Get some tips from the search engines and you are good to go. For instance, make the site mobile-optimized and improve the user-friendliness for the users to navigate with ease and make them come back.

3. Blogging

An excellent way to get traffic for your e-commerce site is by creating informative content. The audiences need to get value from your site and feel interested to read about your products and services. Try to create content related to your industry and let the posts boost the brand image. The blogs can be about product updates, gifting guides, tutorials, or industry trends.

4. Create an email list

Research reveals that repeat customers spend over 60% more than new customers. Wondering how to bring them back? Create an email list and offer them exclusive offers and promo codes. Besides, you may also offer small discounts to repeat customers and encourage them to sign up or make the list by offering new products. Post teasers about the email announcements on social media and entice the customers to sign up. Do not want to get into the daunting tasks? An affordable SEO company in India like Digital Concepts offers solid strategies for driving traffic to the site. Our team has the experience to deal with your requirements, so it’s time you connect with us.

5. Organize the site and use clear CTAs

Can the shoppers navigate your site easily? For instance, if your site’s homepage does not have the product catalog, direct the customers to the right place with special buttons. You have never visited an online store and had a good experience when all you could do was wander about aimlessly not knowing what the products are. Well, steer clear of such mistakes or better hire SEO expert from the team of Digital Concepts. We offer the most affordable SEO services in India and across the world. Do you still want to compromise the visibility of your site?

6. Modify the checkout process

Reports indicate that about 70% of people leave their cart and the reasons can be many. It may be the hidden fees, shipping costs, or the overall experience. Therefore, the best tip would be to improve the recovery process. If you are keen to make changes, the checkout process is the best place to start.

7. Rewards program

When selling to an existing customer, the chances of success are as high as 60% -70%. Wondering what the best way is to bring back the customers? Start rewarding them and business will come out to be a lot easier. It is a timeless technique. So, why leave things to chance? Get the best out of the strategies and be a winner.

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