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In House Writers Vs Freelance Writers: Why Businesses Focus On In-House Content Writers

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on October 18, 2023

Businesses today are aware that having a mere website is not enough to tell the visitors what they want to do. To drive traffic, engage visitors, and convert them into leads, you need quality content. But where will the content come from? Whether you have a new or an established set up, the employees are least likely to have the time needed to devote in writing. Moreover, not all of them will have the competence needed to write website content. If you are in the same soup and facing a dilemma whether to hire in-house website content writing services or go by freelance writers, wake up to the truth.

While the debate of hiring inhouse vs freelance writers may go on, you need to focus on what is best for your business. Should you hire independent freelance writers or in-house writers? To keep pace with the demands of digitization, you need to determine the best choice.

Here is a snap shot of both options to help you hire content writer easily.

In-house content writers

In-house writers work full-time for businesses and perform a schedule of tasks that they are assigned. Usually companies with adequate marketing budget and time go to digital marketing services to hire a content writer or a group of writers may be based on their workload.

Reasons to hire in-house content writers

What makes a business hire professional writers to create content? Here is what you need to know.

  • The in-house writers improve the consistency of writing against the content produced for a month. Once you train them and explain them how to target your company’s content, they handle the rest willfully.
  • The in-house writers know how to target your company’s message and customize it for the customers.
  • As they work full-time and in regular hours, you can ask for their help at any point.
  • A full-time in-house website content writer is capable of changing or modifying any part or portion of the content based on the recommendations.
  • Want your content to be heard? That is when you will need in-house writers to give a definite voice to your content creation efforts.
  • Hiring a full-time salaried writer may mean putting an end to the hassles of searching writers over and over again. You can get their help for varied projects to be handled throughout the year.
  • The writer may work from office or remotely and provide more stability to the content creation tasks.
  • A reputed content writing agency would provide seasoned and screened writers based on your projects and let go off the risks associated with novice writers.
  • Need a huge choice of writers with experience of working in different industry verticals?  With full-time and in-house writers, you will have a wide range of choices of writers with specialized skills.
  • Contrary to popular hearsay, hiring in-house content writers is actually cost-effective. All you need is to pick writers, shortlist them, screen them, and complete the deal and stay assured about your content holding an appeal due to high quality work.
  • In-house writers are part of a content writing agency that has resources to adopt new technology. They can use new analysis and AI tools to polish your content, make it rank consistently, and help you maintain an edge over the competition. Your content will have high engagement metrics and you won’t need to deal with duplicate content either.

Key takeaway

Like everything, hiring a full-time writer will have its limitations in-terms of budget. However, content writing is a key aspect of every online business nowadays. If you are eying for writers penning unique thoughts and making the write-ups catchy, Digital Concepts will help. We are a digital marketing company providing quality writers to create content within deadlines and offer a complete package of content writing solutions. In case you have less work to cater to, we will customize the team at affordable price packages to make content creation effortless.

Freelance writers

Freelance writers work are contractual and hired by businesses as needed. They work independently and occasionally needs to come for on-site tasks. However, the flip-side is that you will have never met this person and can disappear any moment.

Reasons to hire freelance writers

Need to know whether to hire a freelance content writer?  Here are the benfits of hiring a bunch of freelancers.

  • You can communicate with the writer directly and need not move through the team leader.
  • As they write for several companies, they usually have diverse knowledge and a wide range of experience.
  • The turnaround time of freelancers is fast.

Disadvantages of hiring freelance content writers

Is it enticing enough to hire a freelance content writer? Here is why it may not work for businesses that want quality content that is thoroughly checked and edited and are without any errors. Here are the cons of hiring freelance writers.

  • Only a handful of freelance writers are seasoned. Most of them do not have industry experience and fail to deliver based on the preferences of the client.
  • They are not competent to handle all kinds of content creation tasks like SEO content writing and hence it is challenging for businesses to trust them.
  • You cannot have an exclusive contract with freelancers
  • Many of these writers juggle multiple roles at a given time and may not work consistently.
  • Industry topics for content needs to be broken down several times, so you may need freelance writers with a great deal of experience and expertise, which is hard to find.
  • Getting freelance writers to stick to your business is a daunting task.
  • Freelance writers don’t have a fixed work schedule. Any miscommunication can result in significant downtime for content creation.
  • When you work with freelancers, be prepared for inconsistent cost variations. Depending on the content and niche, different freelance writers may charge a drastically different amount for each piece of content. Compared to that, in-house writers of a reputable content writing agency help you maintain a predictable balance sheet.

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