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Post-COVID19 Digital Marketing Trends

Post-COVID19 Digital Marketing Trends a Marketer Must Know and Consider

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on July 30, 2020

The world is slowly trying to get back on its axis again. COVID19 is still wreaking havoc in many countries and claiming lives. But at the same time, globally, every business is trying to get back on their feet after struggling for a long time due to the situation and the imposed lockdown and social distancing norms. While it is true that the pandemic is causing the biggest economic meltdown ever already all around the world, it is also responsible for some decisive changes and shifts in priorities for businesses. Hence, it is needless to say that as we are trying to set in the world post the pandemic, the digital marketing trends you have been following till now will change completely.

Just like any other premiere digital marketing agency, we, at Digital Concepts, have been working on different SEO trends that have been helping our clients for long.

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However, the paradigm shifted when the outbreak of the virus happened. Just a month back, every business all around was struggling to cope. Our experts tried to share some insights on dealing with SEO during the pandemic too. Now, again, the priorities are changing. We are talking about a world where COVID19 still exists but life is coming back on the front seat of priorities, and your marketing techniques need to change too. In the following points, we will share the trends that, from now on, will dominate the market and you need to follow. Take a look.

Digital Platforms as Key Game Changers

The pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home, within the four walls. The threat of life has caused a massive shift in focus for consumers and their behavior. The most dominating change is digital transformation. Even in developing countries like India, people are relying more on digital platforms now than offline commercial resources. Now, the “shock response” is dying down quickly and every brand is making itself available digitally. In fact, in the USA, around 62% of consumers have expressed their interest more in the digital platform. So, your business needs to change too. Instead of traditional offline marketing, think of turning digital. Minimize the exposure to the disease while maximize your ROI by staying afloat. Our digital marketing services are designed to take care of you. We offer remote hiring too so that our experts can help you with marketing while being miles away.

Integrated Marketing Approach

It is not the time anymore to keep one section of your marketing isolated from the other. Rather, integrate your approach in marketing. Use tools to understand consumer behavior cross-platform and cross devices. Gather the relevant information on the digital behavior of your target audience. Use your creative techniques and tools to design your marketing strategy with a single goal in mind. Relook in the KPIs of each channel and put together newer plans to attribute your digital marketing techniques across all the channels. We, as a reputed digital marketing company, are here to help you with this.

Surging Demand for Snackable Video Content

A major part of the global population is still living within the restricted environment of their homes. Whether taking a break from work or working from home, everyone is staying 24/7 within the four walls. This is the cause of the surging demand for video content. No matter what niche they belong to, the consumers are online for the most part of the day. And they are consuming everything available. And among it all, video content, especially on social media is the most popular form of entertainment as well as of marketing too. So, if you are trying to appeal to the audience that is at home and yet has the most potential to actually engage with you, then create snackable video content that will immediately grab attention and compel them to engage and eventually increase your ROI.

So, now as you know what trends you need to follow for your post COVOD19 marketing, don’t waste time anymore. Visit us today at for a free site audit or fill up the contact form on our website for trusted digital marketing services in India.

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