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Want To Opt For The Best SEO Services? Here Are the Trends We’re Working On

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on January 30, 2019

We don’t need to reiterate the importance of search engine optimization. If you wish to grow your brand digitally you can’t afford to not get your website optimized. But SEO services come in all shades and colors if we were to draw an example from the color spectrum. Some merely stick to increasing traffic to your website while others help you grow as a brand adding more value to your online presence. As an agency known for offering the best SEO services, we belong to the latter group. Our aim is to help your brand rise above competition and be counted. So what makes us offer the best SEO services? Here are some of the trends we are working on that separates us from the crowd –

  • Mobile-First – If you aren’t aware you must know that the mobile version of your website is now its true version. Google in a major shift in trend has kick started a mobile-first approach and the ranking of your website now rests on how user-friendly the mobile version of your site is. This doesn’t mean that the desktop site is no longer in use. This is where our team members focus on creating content that is mobile-friendly and helps you in going past your competition. If you don’t have a mobile friendly site yet we have the resources to create one for you.
  • Going Beyond Google – Google is the most dominant platform as far as search engine optimization is concerned. Like all professional agencies we focus on helping clients attain higher rakings of Google’ SERP. But we also go beyond Google as far as optimization of your website is concerned and focus on other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. There has been a shift in trend over the last few years and many users are switching outside the Google ecosystem. We make sure your website and brand isn’t outside the horizon of non-Google users.
  • Voice Search is Scaling In – We all love giving commands to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant don’t we? And the popularity of voice search is growing on an exponential basis over the last couple of years. When it comes to optimizing a website for the future, voice based search is a key element that we focus on. Since voice based searches tend to be conversational in nature we tend to focus on creating content that finds traction with these kinds of searches and at the same time also caters to traditional way of using the search engine.
  • Getting Technicalities Right – There are several technical factors that affect your rankings as well as standing on the Search Engines. The quality of the codes, the speed at which your webpages load and whether they are mobile-friendly can dictate your rankings as well as the kind of traffic you draw towards your website. Google and other search engines are constantly focusing on a site’s ease-of-use and experience in their ranking algorithms. As a part of our strategy we work on fixing all the technical issues that may be limiting the success of the campaign and build a strong base to take your campaign forwards.
  • Amazon Search – No, Amazon hasn’t come out with a search engine and if you merely have a corporate website you don’t have to bother about this part. But in case you are selling products online your SEO campaign needs to be aligned with what people are searching on Amazon. Over the last few years most people looking to shop online are skipping traditional search engines and searching the products on Amazon itself and hence we incorporate some of the Amazon standards on your online store’s optimization campaign to keep you ahead.

We have helped our clients scale new heights with our services. If you are looking for outsource SEO services, you don’t need to look any further. We have the skills and experience to optimize your website and keep it aligned with the new trends in the industry. Call us at +91 98301 40672 or send an email at  sales@digitalconcepts.in we shall discuss the roadmap for your growth both in terms of numbers as well as value wise.

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