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SEO as the Primary Focus in Marketing During Economic Meltdown due to COVID-19

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on July 6, 2020

Given the present scenario around the world, it has become imperative that you change your marketing strategy as the old-time tested ones might not work out this time. The outbreak of COVID-19 and the global economic downturn owing to the pandemic are two very unprecedented situations that will make a paradigm shift in marketing.

During this time, there have been many surveys that are conducted by industry leaders like Conductor and Search Engine Land. So, here, we, experts from Digital Concepts, the emerging SEO agency, are going to talk about some stats that will help you make up your mind about marketing and help you execute your plans in the right way. Take a look at the following points to know more.

When Goals are Same or Up, Budget is Going Down

Different industries that include B2B, retail, healthcare, media, travel and hospitality, finances and automotive, technology and manufacturing have been under the scrutiny of the survey. In the case of the budget only around 20% said that the budget will be greatly decreased. As of now, 45% of industries are keeping the scenario hopeful. At the same time, around 68% of businesses have claimed that their goals will remain the same or might slightly differ. However, around 86% of business owners said that it will be fairly difficult to achieve the goals if they have to reduce the budget anymore. And the majority of them said that SEO will be pretty much influential in this scenario. So, you need to get in touch with us, the best SEO company offering affordable services globally for managing SEO within budget.

Top Performing Channels of Last Year

If you are looking for the right channel for marketing, then we must tell you that it is the organic search that has performed the best in the last year, for 66%. Paid searches, as well as email marketing, have performed well, around 50% to fetch the leads. Social media has been considered as the top-performing channel only by 14% of the users.

Global Recession Impact

While facing the red eye of recession, most of the companies are cutting their budget for marketing. From specifically investing in low-cost channels like SEO to withdrawing from PPC, they are mostly thinking of saving money. However, a minority, around 25% of people are considering laying off the employees.

So, what we can conclude from these studies is that organic search is getting more value and as a result, SEO is the most trusted medium to market your brand. So, make sure that when you are planning your marketing strategies keeping the pandemic in mind, you give SEO as much importance as it needs.  Now, if you are looking for the right agency to outsource SEO services, then come to us at Digital Concepts. Visit to opt for free site audit or call at +91 9801 40672 now for more information.

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