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Online Marketing During Social Isolation

Virtual Events are the Savior in Online Marketing During Social Isolation

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on May 13, 2020

The outbreak of COVID19 has created an upheaval all around the world. It is causing a paradigm shift in the sphere of marketing. No wonder, the time-tested methods of marketing are not working anymore for any brand. Since the beginning of this year, the brands have made their timeline for all the important events, product launches, and conferences for the whole year. But with the outbreak of the pandemic, it has become imperative to make sure that social distancing is maintained. Hence, canceling all the pre-planned events has become necessary.

Now, another reality of the world of marketing is that you cannot stop the wheel no matter what. Except for the initial shock and the time required to react, any brand cannot afford to lose a minute from their marketing calendars. And that is why they are working within limitations to keep the marketing continuous. That is where the virtual events come into the picture.

Virtual Events – the New Game Changer
In the past few years, many experts have found the rise of virtual live sessions to be a remarkable boon for internet marketing. Companies across the globe that offer internet marketing service have been of the opinion that a brand should use the virtual world to reach the target audience. Now, during a time when the COVID19 is wreaking havoc across the world, virtual events have emerged as one of the most useful ways to keep the marketing going. In the following points, we are going to highlight what is working and how you can use those options too. Take a look.

Virtual Events and Internet Marketing:

  • Online Events with Live Interaction
  • From the workspace to business meetings, from interacting with the employees to reaching the customers, online events are currently ruling the sphere. The good old Google Duo or Hangout, Skype, WhatsApp to the latest Zoom, and many other virtual channels have become the most trending applications that are hosting online events while welcoming live interactions. In the past couple of months, the number of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram live events have increased immensely. This is letting brands to reach out to the customers more effectively even when their products cannot be delivered or the brand cannot physically reach the doorstep. This is a way that works as a reassurance too for the consumers. The brands are trying to stay connected and live up to the promises that they have made. So, if you are consulting an online marketing company, discuss how this avenue can open up opportunities for your brand too.

  • Live Product Launches
  • From the beginning of the year, products have been lined up by various companies to get launched at different times of the year. Be it beauty products, be it food and beverages, be it books or music CDs or even be it cinema film, every launch has been postponed by most of the countries around the world. However, virtual launches are becoming the go-to option for many. Authors are hosting online book launches and interviews via social media live sessions. Different companies are launching their products and services, especially the ones that are relevant right now with similar events. In fact, producers all around the globe are releasing their films on the major online streaming platforms too.

  • Virtual Educational Resources
  • Owing to the social isolation and the home quarantine imposed by many countries and states, people are staying indoors. As a result, they are glued to their computers and phones most of the time. Using this opportunity for offering virtual educational resources can be helpful too. There is a noted increase in subscribers in all the online learning platforms. In fact, Instagram, the social media giant has started its new campaign #LearnFromHome for the past 4 weeks where they are teaching how to market your business with Instagram. You can do it with your products and services as well. Post educational videos and a series of images with relevant information.

So, now as you know how you can use virtual events for your online marketing endeavor, don’t waste your time. Join us, Digital Concepts, an emerging online marketing agency that offers the best online marketing services at an affordable rate. For more details, ping us up at 98301 40672 today.

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