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Shopify hacks to skyrocket sales

Instant Boutique Shopify Tweaks to Boost Revenue Today

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on March 28, 2024

You’ve followed the YouTube videos, taken all the necessary steps to set up your Shopify store, and have let everyone know about it on social media. After you put in all that effort, mere double-digit sales figures can be frustrating, especially when you get impressive traffic and impressions on your site.

When you’re unable to convert that traffic into paying customers, there may be something wrong with the site’s design and implemented features. As a provider of Shopify website development services, Digital Concepts can audit your site and recommend the tweaks that can help you make a turn on dwindling sales numbers.

Shopify store tweaks that impact your bottom line:

1. Refine store navigation

Your store’s navigation isn’t a mere map that tells your customers which pages to go to and products to look at. It’s also a billboard that lets users know about the products or services you sell. Headless Shopify allows you to change the navigation without interrupting the user experience of existing shoppers. Why is this important? Well, most users who land on your website might not know anything about your products. For instance, someone looking for denim may have ended up on your website.

However, with poorly designed navigation, the user’s definitely leaving the site if they don’t find the ‘right denim’. It’s important to remember that apparel shopping is usually impulsive and you just lost an opportunity to showcase the rest of our products. A decent navigation panel would have shown the customer the accessories, headgear, trinkets, tops, and other items you offer. With our Shopify store development services, we always recommend our clients position their top-selling categories on their main navigation panel instead of hiding and turning it into a treasure hunt.

2. Be specific with size charts

Big players like Amazon have extensive and optimized shipping networks that allow them to offer free returns. However, as a small business, you don’t have that luxury. That means free returns are out of the question. When customers don’t see that option, they want to make sure that the clothing or accessories fit them.

Without a size chart or product guide, you leave the customer blind and don’t provide them with a compelling reason to make the purchase. That’s why size and product guides are so important. With our Shopify development services in India, you can add these features to your store seamlessly without breaking the bank.

3. Market your store online

You sell unique creations through your boutique and that makes you stand out. However, when the right people don’t get to know about your product, you’ll have to deal with poor sales figures. That’s why we also offer Shopify marketing services to our clients. Apart from skilled developers, we also have digital marketing experts who target the right audience and make your website rank on the search engine results page to increase its visibility and revenue.

The perfect blend of stunning design and a data-driven marketing strategy is a proven recipe for long-term success. At Digital Concepts, we’re passionate about helping you achieve just that. Our team of developers and digital marketing experts are ready to partner with you on your journey. Call us at +91 98301 40672 or click here for a free site audit and discover how we can increase your profits.

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