Unlocking Headless Shopify: Maximizing Benefits Revealed
Benefits of Headless Shopify

Decoding the Benefits of Headless Shopify: A Comprehensive Exploration

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on January 23, 2024

Market trends keep changing with evolving customer expectations and that’s why you need to provide more unique experiences to your customers. One way of doing that is to adopt omnichannel marketing and headless Shopify helps you achieve that seamlessly.

With headless Shopify, the front-end and back-end development is separated and provide you an opportunity to make independent changes. At Digital Concepts, our talented developers use the headless Shopify framework for custom Shopify development to help you meet your customers across several channels and maximize your marketing efforts.

Shopify store development services prefer headless Shopify for these benefits:

1. Enhanced flexibility

With headless Shopify, you get more flexibility for making front-end changes on your website. This allows developers to use the suitable technology stack to make the necessary changes without affecting the back end in any way. That means you can change the design of your website without worrying about breaking the site. This allows a new level of modularity where front-end and back-end teams work on their own without waiting for input from each other. 

2. Enhanced performance

According to Google, 1800 ms, or less than 2 seconds is considered a good metric for FCP (first contentful paint). FCP is a page speed score that measures how long the first content on a web page gets rendered on the screen. That just goes to show how quickly your website needs to load. Website loading speed has the potential to make or break your website.

Headless Shopify helps to increase the performance of your website drastically and bring down the bounce rates. When we offer Shopify website development services to our clients, we focus on headless architecture. Bringing down the loading speed by just one second can help us reduce the bounce rate by several percentage points and that directly affects your revenue levels.

3. Better for SEO

With headless Shopify, your SEO team also gets more freedom. You can change URLs, meta descriptions, title tags, and other such components without any issues and optimize your website for SEO. There’s no need for specialized tools or a meeting with developers to rank higher on the search results page.

4. No need to look for alternatives to your preferred tools

You may have a website that’s coded in a certain language and a plugin that’s coded in another. There may be other issues that may be preventing you from using a certain plugin for your website. However, headless Shopify gets rid of all those hiccups and increases compatibility. 

With headless design, you get access to APIs that let you integrate the services you need without worrying about the programming language. It also presents customizable tech stacks where components can be dropped or added to your changing needs. This modular approach helps us quickly adapt to market changes and switch out features and functionalities for client websites with a breeze. You may have an old e-commerce store that’s thriving with traditional architecture. However, headless Shopify can help you modernize, future-proof your website, and insulate it against changing trends. As a web development outsourcing company, Digital Concepts and its talented pool of developers can help you achieve these results. Call us now at +91 98301 40672 to fill in your requirements.

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