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Tips and Tricks to Use ChatGPT for Keyword Research

Tips and Tricks to Use ChatGPT for Keyword Research

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on September 20, 2023

Have you ever used ChatGPT for SEO? Is it helpful? Does it help in revving up the SEO process?  From the user’s point of view, you need to know how the tool works and understand its functionality. Keyword research is vital and you need to use it along with conventional research tools. Relying on this tool completely may not be the best option even though it is a free tool. Undoubtedly, keyword research is one of the most stressful tasks for SEO teams. That may be a reason for companies to downsize in-house teams and switch to offshore digital marketing services. It is not only cost-effective but is a more result-driven option that businesses can leverage compared to the humongous efforts of researching competitor websites and analyzing topics.

ChatGPT Limitations

While ChatGPT is undoubtedly the most popular large language model, the free version does come with limitations. The free version (GPT-3.5) has a knowledge update till September 2021. It doesn’t work with real-time data. To get real-time data you need to upgrade to the paid plan (GPT-4).

You can also use other free alternatives like Google’s Bard or Bing AI (technology similar to ChatGPT with updated real-time data). Either way, it’s important to verify these AI results with keyword research tools from Semrush and Google. Think of these AI tools as aids to reduce research time. Here is how to get the most out of ChatGPT during keyword research:

Tips to Use ChatGPT for Keyword Research

1. Searching keywords and finding topics

First, you need to know the reason behind switching to ChatGPT or using it along with the traditional tools. The reason is simple. With the traditional tools, a majority of your competitors will be relying on them and what’s more target similar keywords in terms of ranking. But ChatGPT tweaks conventional research techniques. Want to know how? Being an AI tool, the method of keyword research using ChatGPT would be different. Jog your mind for keywords and topics and hand them over to this AI tool. You will come across a flurry of ideas and not exactly the keywords you need. As for keywords, you will come across clusters of keywords.

2. Competitive research

ChatGPT does not have the latest information and hence it is not the tool on which you can rely completely for researching keywords. But for competitor research, can quickly extract the competitive scenario. It can be a perfect way to come across topics and subcategories. For instance, you can prompt the chatbot to extract keywords ideas from your competitor’s content. Make sure to paste the content in quotes or brackets.

3. Generation of keywords based on the persona of users

Keyword research is related to users to a great extent. After all, users type the keyword phrases on the search bar to get the information they need. ChatGPT is the tool you can rely on to unravel the personalities of buyers. That way, you become more familiar with your target group. So, the keywords you research are likely to be more research-based and targeted. For the rest, you can rely on a white label SEO agency in India to make sure your content ranks in the search engine.

4. Generation of long-tail keywords

Researching long-tail keywords becomes incredibly simple with AI chat bots. You can prompt the chatbot with a short keyword to generate a bunch of related long-tail keywords. You can even fine-tune the findings. For instance, you can prompt: Find out linked terms to digital marketing (or any topic) with 5 words.

5. Creating categories of keywords

You must have faced endless hassles while creating keyword categories. There have been instances when you spent a lot of time segmenting keywords manually. And here it is that ChatGPT comes to help. Imagine using a traditional keyword research tool and finding dozens of keywords. Now, the next thing you need is to find a way to categorize the keywords. How about a tool that helps you filter the ones you need? Make sure you include the keyword metrics to get more accurate prompts from ChatGPT. When you outsource digital marketing services, you can get holistic assistance on keyword categorization and understand how experts create a difference.

6. Searching for keywords based on searcher intent

Do you know what searchers may look for to get information about your products and services? Ask ChatGPT for ideas based on the intent of searchers and get a wide range of ideas.

7. Researching keywords based on alphabet

If you have ever tried researching keywords based on alphabets, you can begin with that again, and this time through ChatGPT.

8. Getting keyword ideas based on questions

ChatGPT can get you keyword ideas based on questions. So, ask as many questions as you can to this AI too, and get showered with ideas that are related to user searches.

9. Search for semantic keywords

There comes a time when you are tired of investing in those expensive keyword research tools. Ask ChatGPT instead when you need semantic keywords that are related to the primary keywords.

10. Get help with actionable keywords

ChatGPT tool gives you a probable search volume and data regarding keyword difficulty. Although you won’t expect perfect metrics like the traditional research tools arrange the seed keywords from the data and run it against the traditional tool. ChatGPT is a free keyword research tool, so there is no harm in trying it for research. But the tool often gives you false data as it does not have access to keyword data. For now, you can think of it as a virtual assistant for researching keywords along with traditional tools. For more assistance, you can try to connect with Digital Concepts, one of the best offshore SEO services to help you rev up your keyword research with the best strategies.

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