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Unleash the E-commerce Magic: Mastering Headless WooCommerce!

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on August 17, 2023

With a headless CMS(Content Management System) built on WooCommerce, you get to keep the frontend(things your users see) and backend(things you see to operate and manage your website) independent from each other. Business owners often hire dedicated WooCommerce developers who can build efficient and optimized sites to drive sales. Let’s figure out how headless WooCommerce works and if it’s right for you.  

Creating a headless CMS

You can build a headless CMS with a REST API from WordPress or WooComerce. REST APIs enable applications to exchange data. For your WooCommerce website, it enables the database to infinitely connect the backend of your store to the frontend. 
When the frontend is separated, you can switch to multiple backend systems according to your needs. To maintain a profitable business, you need to hire cost-effective WooCommerce developers who can fulfill your expectations. We offer WooCommerce developers for hire to design and maintain a headless WooCommerce website in optimal condition.

Advantages of a headless WooCommerce

  • Fortify site security – Despite being the most popular E-Commerce platform, a generic WooCommerce website has poor security. With a headless WooCommerce website, hackers can only attack the frontend since the backend is completely separated and hidden. The worst they can do is overload the site. Your business and client data remain secure and you don’t need to pay a ransom or incur costs for rebuilding the website. Fortifying site security becomes simpler when you hire our dedicated WooCommerce developers.
  • Increase site speed – Every second of additional load time reduces customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and page views by double digits. These delays can be avoided when you separate the backend and frontend with APIs, XHTML, and Javascript. It allows you to get rid of excess plugins, scripts, themes, and bloated code. 
  • Infinite Scalability – Business owners who have a traditional WooCommerce store need to worry about site crashes, UI compatibility, and downtime. Headless WooCommerce websites don’t come with such headaches. Even when you’re updating the content database, the frontend would load without interruptions. Your existing users don’t have a terrible time when you’re scaling the business to support more users.

Disadvantages of headless WooCommerce

  • Higher cost – You need developers who’ll spend their valuable time designing a polished and appealing front end. That’s exponentially more costly than a pre-built theme. As an offshore web development company in India, we have a team of highly-qualified developers who can build the frontend without spiking your operation costs.
  • Unsupported Plugins – A headless WordPress website may not support some of your favorite plugins. Some plugins are designed to work with themes. Their features may not work properly. One of the solutions is to switch to plugins that have REST API extensions.

You don’t need to shy away from headless WooCommerce even when you have a limited budget. At Digital Concepts, we have a superb team of talented web developers who meet client requirements without charging them exorbitant rates. You can have a headless WooCommerce website with a remarkable front end without a significant cost increase. Call +91 98301 40672 or contact us for a free site audit.

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