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Will Google Consider or Penalize AI-Generated Content

Will Google Consider or Penalize AI-Generated Content?

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on September 25, 2023

With the hullabaloo surrounding ChatGPT and other AI tools, human content writing has suddenly come under the scanner. However, a more important issue is how judgmental Google will be when it comes to publishing AI content. ChatGPT has been going like a blazing gun since its arrival and we have already come across tools like Writer and Jasper.

So, are things going to get better with the arrival and popularity of AI tools? Will such tools impact search engine optimization strategies? Are you searching for quality content writers and creative minds to pen useful content for users? You are in the right place. Digital Concepts is one of the trusted offshore digital marketing services you can trust. They have been at the forefront with the best content marketing team to impact the search engine ranking positively.

What does AI-created content refer to?

AI content includes:

  • Stories, articles, posts, product descriptions, and other such text generated by AI.
  • Medialike images, graphics, illustrations, music, animation, and more such content generated by AI.
  • Apps and software created by AI.
  • Research and analysis of scientific and financial data by AI.
  • Voice, speech, and narration generated by AI.

What is Google’s take on AI content?

Google is not raging a war against AI as long as it assists in creating information that benefits the users. So, if you are trying to add AI to produce content that adds more information, it is a good idea but using the AI tools solely for search engine ranking is what Google does not favor. Here is what you need to know:

  • Google favors high-quality content

The ranking systems of Google might appear bewildering at times but if you add to it the hue and cry related to the use of AI tools, it boils down to some of the facts you need to be aware of. The search engine aims at creating content comprising high-quality information that benefits the readers. But there is another tweak.

The content they create needs to showcase certain attributes called E-E-A-T or expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Basically, it is these qualities that you need to incorporate when writing content. The primary focus would be on quality content no matter what to deliver the users with reliable results that they have been doing for all these years. You can outsource digital marketing services to get the same kind of reliability that Google desires or writers that comply with the guidelines of the search engines. Google has always rewarded high-quality content. Thanks to the search engine for creating numerous systems and updates related to ranking and ensuring helpful content is accessible to viewers.

  • Automation cannot be the primary aspect

It is one thing to use AI for generating content and another thing to rely on it to produce content. According to the search engine, using automatically-generated content for indexing and ranking violates their spam policies. Spammy content generated using AI will never deliver the value that Google considers helpful in the real sense. Here are a few examples of auto-generated content:

  • Write-ups that have been translated using AI tool and has no hint of human touch or review.
  • Poor-quality content that is produced using AI tools
  • Vague content created using AI but containing keywords

According to Google’s spokesperson, AI or automatically-created content is spammy content according to Google. So, the search engine may penalize such content but the penalty may be manual. For them, using machine learning tools to generate content is similar to shuffling a few words here and there or applying a few tricks here and there. But such content will hardly have the merit to deliver to readers something they really need. After all, Google thrives on information and the better it is and the more multi-directional it is the better it will address the requirements of users.

Can Google differentiate between human and AI content?

One of the major concerns and questions that SEO teams often raise is whether Google can differentiate between AI and human content. There is no confirmation from the search engine about the ways they employ to differentiate between AI and human content. But if the webspam team finds such content, they have the authority to demote those websites, although no one knows for sure to what extent. For optimizing websites, you can coordinate with offshore SEO services. They employ researched-based tactics to make sure your content ranks on the search engine.

Google’s Advice for AI content creators

No matter what ways are employed for creating content, Google Search will only prefer content that is people-centric with E-E-A-T and demonstrates high quality.

A lot needs to be seen about the veracity of AI content. It seems AI will function as a tool to make writing more effective. From what Google says, AI usage is good as long as it helps people get fresh and updated information and is not just meant for search engines.

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