Will Web Developers be Replaced with WordPress?

Will WordPress Replace Web Developers?

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on August 10, 2022

The decision to develop a website depends on the budget, size, business requirements, and time frame. But businesses today are more inclined to go the WordPress way. The reasons are known to all. The professionally-designed WordPress sites allow the developer to handle installation, modification of the site architecture for easy navigation, and editing the content. For the new developers venturing into web development, this open-source CMS is the right one to get into. One can go ahead with the CMS without any prior coding experience.

Now, does that mean that it is the end of the era for web developers? Well, it’s true that WordPress has revolutionized the web world but does it necessarily mean that job seekers need to pull apart? The answer is NO and here’s why:

Using the tool

WordPress is a tool that reduces the time and cost to create the basics. But it requires the technical knowledge of a developer to write in PHP or to make the SQL queries. To keep everything functioning in a well-rounded manner, knowledge would be more crucial. So, even if the tool powers about 100% percent of the sites, a strong offshore WordPress web development team will still be an asset to an organization. No wonder, the fast-growing businesses and the established ones hire development teams to make it up and running.

Standing out as unique

Do you want the website to resemble hundreds of other WordPress-powered sites? Companies strive to come out as unique when creating a digital footprint and prevent making the site hacker-prone. That is why you need a team of specialists for professional configuration and for installing the site on a secure server. That way, you can keep the malware and hackers at bay. Once the developer installs the site, there are opportunities galore. At Digital Concepts, one of the most recommended WordPress development services, we have a robust team of developers and designers to let you move past the competition. With us, you can explore the advanced solutions related to the tool. We create the best alignment between form and functionality to give you the best output.

Using themes and plugins

Plugins and themes are the two important pillars of WordPress, especially for website customization. With hundreds of themes and functionalities to choose from, things won’t be that easy to manage. When the tool needs to be tailored or updated to meet the site’s requirements, the developer’s role becomes more consolidated. Often, the team needs to make changes based on coding knowledge. To create a site that best fits your needs, WordPress web development is indispensable.

Avoid running into a mess

WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly open-source platforms. Which is why, people consider this tool to be the least likely to run into problems. But the reality tells a different story. Even though development teams may not need to spend a lot of time to get the website up and running using this tool, know the flip side as well. In reality, the tool may create several issues, especially due to the latest updates or the plugin updates. When things get too messy, a developer needs to intervene to resolve the issues.

Get a quality website

True, a tool used for empowering a website may appear self-sufficient but you need technical competence to make the site more appealing. A developer using this tool is more familiar with the technical aspects needed to make the site more accomplished. When you hire WordPress developer in India from Digital Concepts, we will have you covered. Besides the experts lending technical support, you may also benefit from full-fledged customizations and what’s more, all of it in your time frame.

Making the site SEO-friendly

When it comes to marketing your business online, SEO is the heart and soul of all websites and it is here that the developer cuts across the self-sufficiency of the tool. It is not just developing sites that matter, they need to become SEO-friendly to drive more traffic. The development experts place the header tags, meta tags, site map, know how to use relevant SEO tools, implement appropriate technologies, and install the most effective plugins to improve the search engine rankings.

So, the bottom line is that WordPress is not a self-sufficient platform in the real sense. It is an amazing platform to build your site, but not devoid of limitations. It is a tool to create simple sites for short-term use. Moreover, with companies implanting their systems, developers are not getting replaced any time soon.

If you want to hire WordPress developer, get in touch with the experts of Digital Concepts to make a difference. We have everything it takes to deliver the sites on schedule. Tell us your specifications and enjoy a high-quality site delivered before the deadline. Call us at +91 98301 40672 for appointments or email your requirements at sales@digitalconcepts.in today.

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