Mio Amore

The Objectives

Mio Amore is one of the largest Bakery Chains in Eastern India that offers a plethora of Cakes, Pastries, Cookies, Veg and Non-Veg Savouries etc. They are exponentially popular offline and our main challenge was to make it equally popular and loved online as well. So, the objectives included:-

  • Driving high level of awareness and engagement for Mio Amore’s products.
  • Improving the visibility of Mio Amore’s brand identity on Social Media.
  • Delivering great ROIs from Advertisements.
  • Improving online communications with customers.

The Strategy

  • We develop Contents, Posts, Videos and Ad campaigns on Facebook keeping the first objective in mind where we had to increase the awareness and engagements for the products.
  • We conduct several Contests and Give-aways on an occasional basis.
  • With the help of the client’s in-house team, we answer to each and every customer requirements with utmost importance and detailing.
  • We conduct social monitoring on a regular basis for reputation management.

The Results

  • Total Facebook page likes : 152,466.
  • The Social Campaigns continue to find a good amount of organic reach and engagement on a regular basis.
  • Organic post reach is 6728 people per day and organic post engagement is an average of 1584 people per day.
  • The last Social Media Campaign which was a contest based on “Football World Cup” was a huge success and it received amazing response and online accolades from customers. (100% Organically done and had approx 10,000 participants)

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