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Writing Your First Blog Post? 4 Ideas to Make You Pass with Flying Colors

Writing your first blog post can be the stepping stone for a very successful career ahead of being a popular blogger. Or it can be the depressing path of a struggling writer where you are always feeling it to be futile to write anything about as your blogs don’t get as much response as you would like it to get. The choice is yours to make. And your first blog post can be the start of the journey you will be having. Feeling too much of a pressure on your first humble blog? Well, consulting a professional agency offering content writing services can help.

But if you want to fly solo and become successful the way you have envisioned, and got the same amount of success for your brand like the best in the market, then you must follow these tips from our expert website content writer having years of experience. Take a look.

The Things to Write About
Choosing what to write in your first blog post can be an overwhelming decision. You have a plethora of ideas constantly bombarding inside your head and trying to come out through words. But you cannot get overwhelmed. When you are writing your first blog, you have to be careful to choose the topic. We are assuming that you have already done your research on your keyword and target audience. You know with what phrase they begin their search. So, now, your step should be getting your ideas jotted down on a paper or a doc. From MS word to Evernote, you can list down your ideas anywhere you like. And keep the ideas in hand for your next blogs too. In our experience, series often do well for a seasoned blogger. But for a new blogger, independent topics are the best options to become trending.

Research on Ideas
There are numerous resources online from where you can get similar ideas on your blog. Use Buzzsumo, Google Trendz, Ubersuggests, SEM Rushto get ideas about the relevant blogs that are topping the search results for the same or similar keywords. Read these blogs to find out how they are addressing and answering the queries of the users. Use their tactics and facts too if you are writing informative content. Basically, offer your audience as much useful information as you need to but don’t become verbose.

See Your Competitors’ Ideas
You have surely done your research on your competitors too. So, find out what they are writing about. Your services and products might be similar. But the content they are composing can be different from you. If they are really offering good content, there is no harm from getting inspired by that and taking it further with your originality. If their blogs are average in your judgment, work on the unique perks that you can add in your content. Learn what you want to do and what you don’t want to do from the market itself. Use tools like SEMRush to follow the pages of the site of the competitors that get more visits. This will indicate what things they are getting right. Professional article writing services like ours can help you with this a lot.

Work on Online Relationship
Yes, you want your blog to become viral. You want it to appear in the trending results of different platforms.  For that, you need to work on your online relationship. Leaders of internet marketing are well connected. They have friends who have similar or more influence over the online audience. They depend on each others’ patronage. You can do it too. Regularly sharing and commenting on their blogs, getting inspired by their ideas, and giving them the due credit will help you with that.

So, now as you know how you can start your first blog in a way so that you don’t have to look behind, what are you waiting for? Follow these tips. And if you need to hire a copywriter, connect with us at Digital Concepts today. Visit https://www.digitalconcepts.in/our-services/internet-marketing/content-writing/ for more information.

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