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Writing Killer Headlines – A 5 Step Guideline For Success

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on March 30, 2022

Are you wondering why your blog posts are not performing well? Is your content an A grade and yet you are not getting more views? Your culprit is headlines. Unless there are magnetic headlines in your blog posts, the performance level will remain low. So, make sure that your title is target audience specific and something that would instantly catch a reader’s eye. And that’s how you make your SEO content writing work.

Do you not know how to make killer headlines? Don’t worry. In this blog, I will discuss hows, whats and whys of catchy headlines! Before I begin with my guide, do you not understand why the headlines matter so much? Read on below!

Why Is Headlines An Important Factor To Make Blog Posts Work?

Every content is centered on a specific target market and shares information about your brand. Unless the traffic of your posted content increases, there is no use to it. This traffic depends solely upon the kind of headlines you have used. If you do not make it click-worthy or impactful, every other marketing technique you utilize will become a failure.

I have mentioned underneath the important steps to create the best headline for all writers.

Including Numbers and Data in Headlines

Your article or blog post will become more enticing to the audience if it has a number or other relevant data attached to it. Many research studies have proven that headlines consisting of numbers generate more clicks than ones that don’t.

Numbers in blogs or articles act as brain candy to the audience and attract the eyes of the readers. Whenever people read any blog or article that has a number-specific headline, their mind immediately wants to click on it. Our brains are made up in such a way that whenever they look at the information that is in a number form, they automatically consider it more logical and content-specific than others. In advertising and marketing, your headline is the first information that reaches the audience. Keeping a number format like, “7 Advantages of Using Numbers in Content” or “What are the 7 Benefits of Using Numbers in Blogs?” will make you reach a greater audience. If you are a business offering content writing services, make sure that your writers include relevant numbers or other related data in headlines.

Utilizing the Opportunity to Give the Best Solution

You must have a good rationale for writing the content that you do. And that rationale should be understandable via your headlines. By rationale I mean, the exact reason or logic for writing the content that you did. If you want more traffic for your content, your audience must know how the content helps them.

According to a recent study, about 59% of people share content without reading it. In these scenarios, as a writer you have to make sure that your headline is appealing and solves the query of the target market. To avoid writing content that won’t reach the audience, try out the underneath mentioned examples –

Words like Ideas, Tips, Tricks, Lessons, Ways, Facts, Secrets, Strategies, etc. imply that your content has a solution to the problem. Including these sorts of words in your headline will encourage more and more people to like and share your content.

Catching the Reader’s Attention

The idea of a headline in any kind of blog or article is to grab the attention of the reader instantly. You have to keep in mind that your readers have enough options and thousands of ads to choose from. If your content is not good enough to catch the attention of your reader, it won’t work. To accomplish the goals of great traffic inviting content, make your title engaging. Once you get the audience to read the title and click on your page, most of your job is done. The rest will be taken care of by the introduction, body, bullet points, etc. in the body of your content.

Coming back to writing catchy headlines, here are the best rules to follow.

Making the Headline Unique

When you research on Google for the topic or content body, look at the various headlines that are ranking the highest on it. Look at the ways it has been framed. Use a similar strategy and then use words to catch the reader’s attention.

The specification is the Key

In no way can you allow yourself to be slack while writing a headline. It cannot be too long or too short. Make sure it lines with the body of the content and also is ultra-specific. Remove unnecessary words used in the content and make it as precise and easy to understand.

Make It Urgent 

Do not write long sentences when thinking of a headline. You have to make it sound like your content is the solution the audience was looking for. Keep the urgency tacked in your headline.

Using Headline Formulas

Every good headline needs a structure. For those reasons, you can follow the ‘formula’ while writing it. If you are a business that is looking to hire content writer, seek this quality out during the interview round. Does the writer have a solid formula for writing the headline? If they do, they are the right choice for the team. To those content writers looking for the right formula, read this step carefully. You will have to use power or inciting words that will make people read the content and buy the product or service attached to it.

It is always best to write the content first and then go for the headline. This is one of my favorite formulas. You can also do it the other way around. But writing the content first and then thinking about the headline makes sure that both things are in the right sync. Always keep the headline specific, helpful, easy to read, immediate, entertaining, etc. You can use other points too, but keeping the above-mentioned pointers in mind will make sure that you have a solid headline.

Keep a Track of Your Headline Success

As a business owner when you hire a writer, keep a look at the kind of headlines they produce and what results they bring in. Every writer has a different strategy to write headlines. But the success of the article or blog will let you know how the strategy is working. Whether you hire a copywriter or a content writer, if their headlines are not working, they will have to employ a different tactic. The above-mentioned steps will help them to do so.

Now that you know what to do while writing headlines, follow it diligently. It will make your blog or article reach higher than ever before. If you are a business who wants to outsource your content writing requirement to one of the best team of seasoned writers, choose Digital Concepts. We have great experience in writing the most eye-catching headlines and well-researched content to drive more traffic to your website. To know more, visit  now.

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