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How to Boost Your SEO with Video Content

Video Content: A Boost for Your Website’s SEO Strategy

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on December 15, 2023

Wondering why it is a good idea to create videos to lift your site’s SEO? Remember that SEO is the foundational tool that enhances your online presence greatly. The commonest reason why videos impact the optimization of your website positively is that people love to watch videos rather than still images and texts, which in turn generate a lot of engagement.

If you are also trying to make your website appear attractive to the audience, hire a white label digital marketing company to lift the SEO strategy. At Digital Concepts, we explore the significance of video content and show you how videos help in improving the content. You can then plan to switch to white label services to cut expenses and yet benefit from the innovative strategies.

Why does a white label digital marketing agency in India use videos?

When it comes to search rankings, Google considers incoming traffic as a valuable factor. A large number of regular visitors to your domain indicate relevance, making your content enticing to others conducting similar searches.

Notably, video content stands out as a prime magnet for website visits. Whether it’s on YouTube or other social media platforms, videos have an exceptional appeal. This is why numerous B2B and B2C enterprises have ventured into video content and invested significantly in this format.

The more video content you produce, the more high-quality traffic you can attract to your web pages. This, in turn, contributes significantly to your long-term SEO efforts, strengthening your online presence and reach. Here is what you need to know from digital marketing companies in India:

1. Keeps your audience hooked to your website

One of the most important factors that a full service digital marketing company in India considers is that search engines rely on how much time the online users spend on your site. If the incoming traffic on your site is visibly high, you may find it hard to retain them in the long run. Your content may not be as appealing or not providing relevant answers to users. That is why you need videos to ensure that more and more audiences stay on your site. The likelihood of your audience watching videos is more than a blog post containing similar information. So, using videos on the website improves the bounce rate and helps the search engines to make you rank higher.

2. Makes SEO more valuable

It’s true indeed that videos have a terrific impact on your site’s ranking. But if you are still wondering if it helps in improving the rate of conversion, think about those enticing product videos. More eyes are likely to be on such videos and make the customer’s journey more productive. An SEO marketing company near me will recommend the best strategies to make sure that you reap maximum benefits.

3. Linking to the videos

One of the most important aspects of why a white label digital marketing agency in India uses video to elevate search engine rankings is how it helps in linking the content. If you are trying to get referrals and quality traffic, videos will have a rippling effect on SEO. More people are going to link to your video content as it has more authority.

Videos have emerged as the preferred content format, celebrated for their ability to convey vast amounts of information quickly and succinctly. Based on research, about one minute of video can convey the equivalent of approximately 120-200 words. This fascinating insight implies that a written text spanning 1500 words can be effectively condensed into a 10-minute video. Moreover, the reality is that users are often more inclined to watch a 10-minute video rather than invest their time in reading an article of comparable length. This underscores the remarkable power of video content to engage and inform efficiently and appealingly. At Digital Concepts, we use videos to format your SEO strategy and have experts you can invest in for video creation. Call +91 98301 40672 to learn more about us.

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