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Shopify's Faceted Search Filter

Amplify Conversions With Shopify’s Faceted Search Feature

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on April 26, 2024

The realm of e-commerce is a place of cut-throat competition nowadays! Believe it or not, the term “every click counts” seems to be the most appropriate to describe the present situation. Users have a plethora of options at their disposal. And if they face issues that hinder their search experience, it takes a micro-second for them to go back and find another website!

So, to thrive in the competition, you have to ensure a seamless and optimal search experience for your users. This is where the Shopify faceted search feature comes into play.

At Digital Concepts, we extensively work on Shopify platform for our own websites as well and can vouch for its seamlessness and efficacy. Our team of experienced Shopify store developers can help you leverage the platform’s full potential. Let’s learn about the faceted search feature and how it can help amplify conversions.

What’s A Faceted Search Feature?

Let’s just clear the basics before moving into the advanced stage, shall we?!

You might be acquainted with using “filtered search” features on Amazon. Faceted search (or faceted browsing) is a lot similar, except that it helps a potential customer to find exactly what he/ she is looking for within a Shopify store design.

For instance, you are looking for a T-shirt. A faceted search filter would present you with options to filter by the terms “T-shirts for gym”, “T-shirts for every day”, “Graphic T-shirts”, etc.

Not only this, but a faceted search filter will also present you with a myriad of other options to choose shirts based on gender, color, size, occasion, price, brand, etc.

Businesses nowadays are extensively using Shopify faceted search to improve user experience. Which brings us to the next question

How Is This Feature Helping?

There are n number of ways in which faceted search is helpful for the users, which ultimately leads to better conversions for your particular business. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Narrows Down Searches

While browsing for a particular product or service, users often get overwhelmed, if not confused, to target their specific requirements amongst a plethora of options. The faceted search feature helps a user narrow down their search by providing filters or categories relevant to their findings. This helps potential customers to find their particular product/ service easily.

2. Reduce Buyer’s Block

It’s great when we as users have so many options in front of us, even for something specific like offshore website development services from Digital Concepts. But that too, has a negative side! When you are overloaded with choices, decision-making becomes a tough thing, and buyer’s block might creep up from behind the alley! A faceted search filter helps users to be more specific with their options, thereby enhancing the decision-making and reducing buyer’s block simultaneously.

3. Effective Product Discovery

Another crucial way how faceted feature helps is that it helps users find products that they would not have explored or were unaware of their existence. For instance, a user searching for casual-wear track pants might stumble upon joggers that they probably never knew, or haven’t explored much. This ultimately leads to unexpected sales and increases the shopping experience of the users by several notches.

4. Amplifies Overall User Experience

Not just you, but nobody in this entire world has that much patience to look at all the available products on an e-commerce site. Because that would require them to go through each and every product page right from the top to the bottom! This is where Shopify’s faceted search benefits conversions. It allows users to find out their searches within the blink of an eye. This reduces frustration and helps increase engagement, thereby promoting user experience.

Why Shopify?

It’s not just about the built-in features and user-friendliness that Shopify has earned a name for itself among web developers! It also offers a vast range of exciting themes that help your website acquire the X-factor required to catch the eyes of the users!

Our Shopify store development services can help you set up a user-friendly and conversion-optimized store with a powerful search feature.

To Conclude

The current competitive market is all about raising the bar and setting a benchmark. In that scenario, Shopify is one of the best platforms for your e-commerce business to flourish and reach sky-highs in no time! Want Shopify developers to touch-up your website? Feel free to contact us at +919830140672 or click here to get in touch with us today!

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