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Can You Migrate To A WordPress Site Safely?

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on July 3, 2023

With a majority of websites running on the WordPress platform, will you have a reason not to implement this superior CMS? If your website does not have a CMS or has CMS that you are not happy about, you can switch to WordPress easily.

Migrating to WordPress is less daunting than you think. You need not waste time and energy when you hire a dedicated WordPress developer from Digital Concepts, an offshore web development service covering the web development challenges of customers for a long. We will help in making the migration more effective, take you through the technical process effortlessly, and resolve the challenges encountered in the process.

The following are the steps that a custom WordPress development company may implement when websites need to convert to WordPress.

1. Choosing a new host

When migrating to a WordPress site for the first time, you need to choose a new host. But a good option would be to explore the host and be sure to remember the hindrances you faced when designing the new website. You can pick a VPS or a Virtual Private Sever, a dedicated server, or a managed server. To conclude the decision, hire a WordPress developer in India to get better insights on which type of hosting would be suitable for your business.

2. Create a backup of files and WordPress database

Try to keep a copy of all the files on your site through the FTP tool and as soon as soon as you are done, you can move to the next step. Now, you already have a copy of your website files. So, the next step is to have a backup of the database, containing the site’s content.

3. Importing the old content

Create a new database on the new host and import the old content therein. If you face any difficulty during this process, hire dedicated WordPress developers from us for the best results. At the same time, you must upload the files to the new web host.

4. Changing the design

Do you want to retain the existing design on your WordPress-based site or keen to change it as well? Why don’t you discuss with our developers to decide on a theme that aligns with your site and the brand? We will feel happy to recommend the best themes to ensure that migrating to WordPress is a worthy decision.

5. Changing the DNS

The final stage is to make sure that the Domain Name Server is made to point toward the right host. Just make sure that you can get information from the new host and can access the registrar from where you bought the domain name.

If you want to get successful with WordPress migration, it may mean that you should have a site that is functioning properly, all the links working properly, and should have the desired loading speed. That is why you need to be thoroughly prepared to handle the process. For web development outsourcing, you can rely on us for the migration process to finish successfully. Our team of experts is aware of how to migrate to WordPress safely. At Digital Concepts, we will handle every stage of migration carefully. Just sneak into our services at  or call us at 91 98301 40672 to know more about the migration process before you upgrade to the latest WordPress website.

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