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Essential Payment and Shipping Plugins to Elevate Your Shopify Store

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on December 14, 2023

With thousands of plugins in their app store and a significant portion of them being free, Shopify offers you a to of options for customizing your store. Unfortunately, that also leads to confusion for new business owners. You will be spoilt for choice when you try to search for plugins that add shipping and payment functionalities to your store.

Fortunately, this post is designed to paint a crystal-clear picture of the best shipping and payment apps for Shopify. As an esteemed provider of Shopify website development services, Digital Concepts can integrate the best Shopify plugins to add more features and functionality to your website.   

Best payment and shipping plugins from Shopify e-commerce development services:

1. Packlink Pro

Packlink Pro provides an all-in-one solution for your shipping needs. Installing this app is completely free and modular. Unlike other shipping service providers, they charge you for every shipping label. So, you only pay for the shipping volume you generate. This makes it an extremely affordable and flexible service for new entrepreneurs.

Packlink also generates tracking codes as soon as you accept an order. When you opt for Packlink Pro, you get access to several courier services and every order is automatically matched with the best courier for the job. This service also lets you match Amazon with varied delivery options like Same-day delivery, free or paid shipping, and more. You can hire our dedicated Shopify developers to integrate this plugin into your store and make additional changes so that you don’t get any compatibility errors with other plugins or themes.  

2. Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory

Attracting new customers is always a tough nut to crack for any business owner. That’s why seizing every chance to promote your store and upsell your products is crucial. This is where PickyStory comes into play. It’s a plugin designed to boost the total order value by showcasing bundles to your customers as they browse through your store.

This plugin allows you to effortlessly incorporate optional discounts and handy widgets onto your page without diving into any additional coding. It also comes with a trial period so that you can test your upselling game thoroughly. At Digital Concepts, our team of developers and SEO pros offer top-notch Shopify marketing services aimed at upselling your products and crafting a robust strategy to ramp up your revenue.

3. Scala Installment Payments

While upselling helps you increase revenue by pushing more products with every order, you can directly increase sales volume by showing more flexible payment options to your customers. For instance, if you’re selling a workout and mindfulness routine for $200, it might seem very expensive for your customer base.

Instead, your customers are more likely to go through with the sale if they see the same amount divided into easy installments. That’s a job for Scala Installment Payments. It’s a wonderful plugin that fetches information from your preferred payment gateway and shows your customers all the available installment options right on the product page. It is compatible with hundreds of currencies and payment gateways so that you don’t have any trouble expanding your global empire.   Experiment with these plugins to boost your earnings, streamline deliveries, and maximize your Shopify store’s capabilities. If you’re looking to hire Shopify developers in India to upgrade or customize your store, get in touch with Digital Concepts. Our track record of exceeding client expectations speaks volumes. Don’t miss out—take action today at +91 90736 92109 or click here for an unparalleled transformation!

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