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Owning a Small Business? Design Your Website in a Purpose-Driven Way

By Mitali Purkait Ghosh on July 19, 2018

You own a “small business” – this must not be an excuse for getting a lousily designed website. We don’t live in an era where the customers won’t care for your website and the feel of it if you are a small business. Rather, your potential customers will expect you to show your utmost professional approach while designing your website so that they feel that you are reliable enough to be trusted with their requirements. Hence, even if you are a small business owner, your website should be purpose-driven so that it can impress the clients at the first sight.

Those days are long gone when people used to think that the website is only supposed to look pretty since it is the online face of a brand. Now the responsibility of the web designers has changed. They are supposed to make sure that digital and user experience of the website aligns with the goal of the business while they also take care of the aesthetics. Striking the right balance between these two is important and that can only happen if you and your team are following the path of the purpose-driven way to design a website. How can you do that? Read the following points to know more.

Educate the Team

Before your team starts working on designing the website, it is necessary that you start educating the team. The business and the purpose of it are necessary factors that your whole team should be aware of. Often designers go overwhelmed with the necessity of visual appeal while they end up neglecting the purpose i.e. providing users with easy and smooth experience while navigating through the website. This can be a killer, especially if your business is a B2B service. Hence, before this happens and your investment and hard work go for a toss, educating your team about your purpose is necessary.

Identifying Goals

Why are you investing in designing or redesigning your website? Is it just because everybody is doing it? If yes, then think beyond that and try to identify the goals. Websites can have different goals to focus on even if the businesses are largely similar. For example, your competitor is probably trying to increase the traffic on the website whereas you can do it to increase the sales. So, while you are working on the website design, focus on the goal before you plan the aesthetics.

Mapping User Journey

When a user is coming to your website, he or she is in need of direction while navigating through the website. From where is the user is coming to your website? They are either directed from the search results or PPC ad or email marketing or social media. In any case, the landing pages can be similar as well as different. From here your user will need a mapped-out journey through your website and the direction will help you to achieve the goal that you are focusing on. How will this work? With relevant Call-To-Action and the right linking, you need to give the direction so that eventually this helps you increase the chances of conversion.

Prioritize and Simplify

Now, one thing you must keep in mind. The user might get confused when it comes to multiple instructions all at the same time. Taking action like buying, adding to cart or bag, completing the process of checkout, sharing on social media, everything needs to be done but not at the same time. Rather, if you are pushing the user to do it all, they will get diverted and might leave in the middle of the action. To encourage the performance, focus on priority. Think from the user’s point of view and decide what will be the top priority for them. Then design the landing pages and CTA accordingly.

So, now as you know about the ways to design the website in the purpose driven way, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a professional team, Visit us at www.digitalconcepts.in and get in touch with us. You can even dial +91 9830140672 for more information.

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